Picking The Right First Walker's Shoe
July 12, 2020

Picking The Right First Walker's Shoe

There’s nothing that we love more than completing a baby’s outfit with a fashionable pair of shoes. However, as soon as those little ones start transitioning from crawling to walking it’s time to pay close attention to what we put on their little feet. The joys of watching your baby take their first steps are exciting and picking a great pair of baby’s first walking shoes shouldn’t be a daunting task. Shoes that are comfortable and keep their feet safe are important factors when considering your baby’s first shoe. 

When your little smooch is starting to walk they need shoes that go with their natural movement. You may notice that their little feet are wider and extra meaty. That’s because their bones are still growing. Many experts recommend allowing your little one to practice walking barefoot first. You want them to feel the floor so they can develop those bones and muscles. When it’s time to take your budding walker outdoors, make sure their developing feet  have the best first pair of shoes to promote strength, coordination, and balance so they can start walking confidently. Shoes that are too heavy, chunky, or ill-fitting can make it difficult for them to move around and even balance in. Go for a pair of lightweight and flexible shoes so your little smooch can feel every step and build confidence while learning to walk. With so many options out there, the task of finding the best pair of baby’s first walking shoes can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we put together this shoppable guide with some great options to get your little one moving properly and to top it all off, right now our favorite first walkers are all on sale!

Old Soles is an Australian brand that has been a Smoochie Baby favorite for over 10 years and they continue to prove why they are our number 1 choice for new walkers’ first shoes. Their philosophy is simple: style, comfort, and protection for growing feet. Their pre-walker shoes are made of 100% natural leather which means that they keep little tootsies cool in the summer and warm in winter. Their shoes are soft and adaptable which doesn’t restrict their movements as they are learning to take those first steps. All the materials Old Soles uses are tested for skin safety. Best of all, while offering a trusting first walker shoe for your smoocher they never neglect style. 


Tip Toey Joey is another favorite brand at Smoochie that is a major player in the first walker shoe department. Created by a first-time dad in Brazil, his aim was to make sure his daughter got the ultimate protection while maintaining her natural rhythm and stride with her first shoe. 

Tip Toey Joey knows how essential it is that kids’ first shoes be limber enough to allow those little feet to adapt and respond to the ground. So much so that TTJ manufactured their Flex&Grip™ sole that’s flexible and non-slip and shields your baby’s feet while still feeling the impact of touching the ground, giving them that ultra confidence in taking those first steps. Their shoes come with their very own Stretch&Stay™ elastic heel design that doesn’t ensures parents will get shoes on those chubby feet without any struggle. 

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