Our Story

Our Story

it all began with a hip city mom in search of cool clothes for her smoochie baby

A destination for parents who don’t want to dress their children like all the others. It's all about being playful and having fun. Nothing too precious here.

First Mama/Founder


I was a hip city girl with a passion for fashion and then the most amazing thing happened to me. I became a mother. Finding the right outfits for my little one was always tricky and I felt it shouldn’t be. So, I decided to open a boutique where like-minded hip city moms, and other foragers of fashion, could come to find the coolest clothes for their adorable babies. As the daughter of a retail merchant, retail is something I have a real connection with. Coming up with a name for the store was easy. Smoochie Baby, was what we called our son (much to his dismay, 15 years later, it still is!) Since our launch in 2006 my knowledge has grown year after year, as have the number of brands we offer our loving customer base in ever-so-trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I take pride in knowing that they can count on us for unique children’s clothes, and gifts not to be found in the big box stores. Always with the friendliest customer service experience. Hearing our customers say “we love this store” or “you guys always have the best stuff!” makes me beam with pride. You guys are the reason I do this.



Hailing from small-town Illinois, I relocated to NYC in 2008 to assist in raising my two amazing nephews. In my role as full-time nanny and auntie, many outings led me to kid-centric shopping extravaganzas, always in search of one-of-a-kind styles for kids. It took no time at all for me to sniff out our newly opened neighborhood boutique, Smoochie Baby. I loved the esthetic of the store so much that I applied to work here! What started out as a part-time sales associate position, blossomed into a wonderful partnership with Penelope. Fast forward 10 years, as Junior Partner, my keen eye for design, expertise in space-optimization, and superior customer service provide an unforgettable and unique shopping experience for our beloved Williamsburg community. My goal is to incorporate a personalized visit sure to leave every visitor to our little shop with a sense of comfort unmatched by any other establishment.

Store Manager


I'm a New York City native, so it was in the cards for me to be drawn to fashion & arts. I grew up with parents who took pride in presentation, as you never know who you might run into in this melting pot of a city! As a kid I was given the freedom to express myself through styling and designing my own outfits. Though looking back I can say there were some regretful choices, I wouldn't change a thing. I always felt I was truly being me! Finding Smoochie Baby has been the perfect opportunity to use my experience and passion for fashion to guide children in their journey of self expression, with a surplus of unique collections each season. You can find me in our Williamsburg boutique being inspired by new styles (wishing they came in my size), and helping those around me to be authentic to themselves through fashion.