Headster Flower Trails Boonie Hat

Designed with a wide brim, our Boonie Hat offers excellent coverage, shielding your child's face, ears, and neck from the sun.
The lightweight fabric and breathable design keep them cool even on the hottest days.
Easy to pack and carry, this hat is a must-have for family outings, vacations, or simply spending time in the backyard.
Made of polyester, this hat is durable, lightweight, and resist wrinkles and shrinking. It will dry quickly, maintain vibrant colors, and will be easy to care for, making it a versatile and comfortable choice.

UPF50 certified headwear, offering peace of mind for their outdoor fun.

The adjustable chin strap ensures a secure fit, keeping the hat in place no matter how active they get. A breakaway clip on the strap will give you peace of mind in case your kiddo gets himself in an awkward position (let's face it, that’s what kids do best!)

Crown : 100% Polyester
Brim : 100% Polyester