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Peggy the Always Sorry Pigeon

Peggy is pushed from perch to perch, but she's the one always saying sorry. Can Joan the seagull help Peggy realize her worth and reclaim her power? Through humor and persistence Peggy learns to stand up for herself in this charming picture book.

Peggy is an apologetic pigeon. She automatically says she's sorry for everything, even when she hasn't done anything wrong, or when she's the one getting picked on. But Joan a seagull who sees the trouble this is causing for Peggy, gives her a nudge to stand up for herself. This tale from award-winning author Wendy Meddour contains an important message about the importance of being assertive.

"Delve into this sunny celebration of self-confidence-you won't be sorry." --Booklist

"A sound lesson in empowerment and self-respect." --Kirkus Reviews